Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deadbeat Hype Machine Rolling Across This Great Nation.

I'm trying to get the word out on The Deadbeat. So, I've been trying to get out more. I was interviewed by the Steven Surman at Comic News:
I was also interviewed by a newspaper in Bristol. Pictures are here:
This is the article:
Buy THE BOOK PLEASE!!!! I'm really trying here.


Shannon Smith said...

1) I'm going to buy it. Probably not until the weekend after it comes out though because of work and the kid's dance classes. Are you doing any kind of in store on the 27th?

2) Great interview. Really. I mean, interviews usually suck. That was great.

3) I want to collabamorate. I actually have a perfect idea for you.

4) Comes after three.

Massie said...

You're Awesome. I've never done one of these interview things. His questions were really good, I thought. I'm doing a signing in Claypool Hill at G2K Games. Then every weekend in June I'm going to be somewhere close.

Shannon Smith said...

Yeah those were good questions. That's a pretty good site. Post your dates/times/stores and me and the younglings will come and see ya one weekend.