Monday, June 29, 2009


Rob Con in Bristol was a ton of fun. I sketched until my eyes were swollen and my hand was numb, I sold a bunch of books, and met some fine folks. Rob Con was the last stop on my journey to the comic book heart of darkness that was the Deadbeat tour of 2009. What a way to end it as well. Thanks to Robert Pilk and John Stone of Mountain Empire Comics for putting on a fun show. I visited a different place every weekend this month to hype the book...It's been a long month with the signings, work, and starting my next graphic novel. Of course the most memorable thing about this month has been getting news that I was going to be a daddy....Damn...Like I said hell of a month! Anyway thanks to everyone I met at the stores and at the conventions. I had a blast. I'm back on the road in August. My next stop...CHICAGO! Hell for someone who's trying to watch what they eat...That damn pizza! I'll have more Rob Con photos on Facebook. Go find me!

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