Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a difference Dr. Rainey can make.

Just wanted to share this. It amazes me the difference a little gray can make. Jason pencilled this thing. I inked it and then he ran it through his magic compu-machine (some thing called "photo shop'). Then you get a page that looks like it was in a comic printed on newsprint.......It's magic. Seriously though, I'm pretty amazed and happy to be involved in the process. I did my first book on my own, having someone else involved has certainly made Amateurs an exciting thing. Jason Rainey is a swell fella.


jakethehitman said...

That Photoshop is sorcery, I tell you! Thrice-accursed work of Hecate!

Jared&Johanna Cullum said...

Hey Jeremy! This is Jared- I met you at the VA comicon. I hope you had a safe trip home, it was really great to meet you. Read DeadBeat and really enjoyed it- I look forward to your future work man! Hope to talk to you soon man- Take care!