Thursday, July 12, 2012

Page Two.

I plan on my hand falling off after this is done.


CHUCK said...

Really looking forward to this new story. The Deadbeat was one of my favorite comics of the last couple of years.
What mini's do you have available still?
Where can I find Bee Sting?
Do you ever sell your original art?


Massie said...

I'll actually have an official website up soon with a link to buy my minis. I would be happy to sell origial art, I also take commissions. Bee Sting has actually been picked up to be published by Alterna, so with any luck you can get it through diamond. Thanks for reading the Deadbeat, I'm really excited to be working on something I've written again, I'll be serializing All My Ghosts online so keep checking here for news on that front.